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You can request my services on CloudPeeps.comview my profile and packages here or you can contact me directly here. I am the community manager for Aussie.EU. I also consult with Roadblock Media, a digital agency specialising in the music industry and various creative projects. 

What do I do: I’m a digital consultant (communications & marketing) who specialises in content strategy, social media and community management for startups and the entertainment industry. I also provide training and workshops to artists and businesses on how to manage their social media accounts more effectively and align with their broader digital & marketing needs. I’m also a Peep at CloudPeeps and am a curator at The Fetch.

My background: I previously worked in communications & digital teams within government, corporate and entertainment, where I was able to get my hands dirty across all things digital, including web (Information Architecture + UX), intranet, social, email and mobile. I have also written for music magazines, worked in music media and taught English in Japan.

Others: I’m really into music, travel and non-fiction books — I often spend my weekends either checking out a music gig, exploring the city by foot, or at home reading. I’m currently studying German, with the aim of becoming fluent one day. I’m also a curator for asongaday.co and a copyeditor for Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture.