A little haven of pleasure

I love working from home, it's what I've always wanted to do, but I must admit, it can get a wee bit lonely sometimes and you do experience a little "cabin fever". You have to take a break and speak to another human being, or at least see one rather than just peer out the window at them. So since I’ve been in Berlin, each day I’ve ventured outside after lunch to go for a walk, explore the local area and simply breathe for a moment, away from a computer screen, social media and the internet.

One little haven of pleasure I’ve found nearby is Saint George’s New & Second-Hand English Bookshop. Despite my love of technology and the latest gadgets, one thing I’ll never stop loving is books. And places like Saint George’s are just heaven and where I can lose myself for hours. Especially in the cold and wet wintery weather here in Berlin. The warmth of the confines of this store, combined with comfortable couches, friendly staff and a beautiful dog called Jules, it’s an inviting location and a spot to hide away from the cold and escape my home/workspace for an hour or so. Also the fact that I can also sell back any books I buy, so I don’t have to travel with them, is an added bonus. 

Hidden behind the desk, Jules often appears out of nowhere surprising customers, a large dog with the softest coat and a very friendly and affectionate demeanour. I fell in love with him instantly and have savoured the opportunities to pat him. Dogs in bookstores are a definitely win for me. If only I had a photo of him to share...

I don’t have a TV where I’m staying and I’m very conscious of using up their wifi download limit viewing video online - one of the things I’ve learnt on my travels you do really need to be mindful of when staying with others – so reading has become my post-dinner / pre-bed thing to do. And that’s why Saint George’s is the perfect find for me right now - cheap and interesting books on tap.

Another nearly over - While I drink my ridiculously cheap red wine and finish working for the day, I know one thing for sure: I’ll be returning to Saint George’s tomorrow, looking for that illusive book that will make me stop everything and just read all afternoon … and hopefully Jules is there again.