30 Day Challenge re-set

In some crazy move in early January, I decided to complete a 30 day challenge withholding alcohol, chocolate and coffee from my life. It truly was a crazy move considering I've just moved to Berlin - like beer and chocolate capital of Europe - so I was potentially setting myself up for failure.  We’re halfway through and the results so far:

Alcohol = Completely failed, thanks to Australia Day (Melbourne Canteen was serving Aussie Beer), a conference (yikes networking drinks) and a local wine bar (great vibe, quality wine, cold nights).
Chocolate = Was doing awesomely until I won a packet of Tim Tams on Australia Day. Now it’s eating just one of those bad boys every couple of days. But I have resisted the chocolate croissant successfully. 
Coffee = Nailed it, haven’t drank coffee. Boo-yeah! Helps that few places do a decent soy latte!

One out of three ain’t bad, right? 

So I figure that this proposition needs a re-think. Is it actually achievable to quit all three - considering it's winter, it's Germany and I'm in an exciting, yet stressful time? Inspired by several recent conversations with a new friend here on sacrifices to achieve, plus with those three factors in mind, for the next two weeks I've changed the focus slightly:

Alcohol = Try again on going dry, just to stay focused on building my career and keeping exercise a daily affair.
Chocolate = One Tim Tam every few days until all finished, then stop again. One chocolate croissant only on the weekend - sometimes I just need a treat!
Coffee = Just keep doing what I’m doing, until life is more settled and calm. And avoid walking near coffee shops because the coffee bean aroma makes it much harder to resist! 

That's not to say I won't drink alcohol or coffee again (not likely or possible actually) but for now, I want to stay super focused on the task at hand - setting up life in Europe. I can hold off for two weeks to do that, right? Yep, I think so too. 

Some friends don't understand why I want to do this, how can I socialise without alcohol etc? At the end of the day, I need to do what's right for me, not for everyone else. And hell, I can socialise with or without booze! 

Wish me luck!

What are you trying to giving up to stay focused on something else more important?