Australia Day: What does it mean to you?

Politics aside on whether 26 January is the most appropriate day for national celebrations (a worthy debate mind you) -- As I'm overseas this Australia Day, the day takes on a different meaning for me. It's a chance to reflect on the country I'm from, the people I know, the places I love, the outback I feel connected to, the beaches I strolled along, and the music I enjoy. And of course, the food I miss! I've only been away four months but still enough time to miss some of this beautiful country.

Australia isn't perfect, there's still much that needs to improve (just look at our politics) but I can't deny it's where I'm from and who I am. I endeavour to live true to who I am as an Australian and make positive change where I can - both back home and in my travels. I hope in my lifetime we can see the positive change that needs to happen for our indigenous people and that they receive the recognition they deserve.

Our flora and fauna are just amazing and I sure as hell hope we don't lose it due to economic growth and greed! Every time I go back now, I am seeing as I much as I can...

So from Berlin over the next 24hrs, it'll be time to turn up the Aussie pub rock! Now does anywhere in Berlin sell Stone & Wood beer? Cause gosh, damn, I'd love one right now. I haven't even had Vegemite in four months!

Since I lived in the country for several years, I grew to love quite a lot of 80s and 90s Aussie pub rock. If I ever want to think of home, this is the kind of stuff I turn up - LOUD! 

Australia Day in Berlin - I'll just be remembering what it means to be an Australian and hopefully sharing a beer with some fellow travelling Aussies here in this multi-cultural city!

PS One thing: You can keep your 35+ degree days, I don't miss sweltering in the heat and humidity! Or the sleepless nights...

What does it mean to you to be an Australian? Or from your own country?