No regrets: Four months in


It's been exactly four months today since I left Australia on my adventure-seeking and life-changing journey. I've been to:

Dubai > Amsterdam > Berlin > London & country UK > NYC > SF & LA > Toronto > Freiburg & travelled through Switzerland by train > Milan > Central Italy

Who knew I would end up here in Berlin, now creating a new life ... for now. I feel it's the first stop of many exciting cities I'm going to live in my life.

I'm so thankful for all the kindness of friends and family providing fantastic advice, those who let me stay with them or met with me for local adventures. I also love all the new people I've met along the way, even if it was only for a moment on a train or on a flight - all great conversations and knowledge sharing about life, travel and love. And there's still many more friends to catch-up with and many more exciting people to meet...

The adventure continues on though, every day is exciting and new... I feel very alive these days!

No regrets on my decision. Not one moment.