30 day challenge

Inspired by a friend, I'm starting a 30 day challenge today. Well actually more than one. I'm going to quit alcohol, coffee and chocolate for the next 30 days.

Reasons why?

  • Alcohol - Booze and tiredness are not a great combination. A few glasses of wine can also affect my sleep negatively. Right now I'm super tired, so need to ensure that the sleep I get is good, I stay on track and don't have any hangovers.
  • Coffee - Gives me get-up and go, but it also makes me edgy. Not good during high stress periods. 
  • Chocolate - Love it in all its dark chocolate goodness, but it also is addictive. I eat too much, feel guilty and stray from my healthy eating path.  

I had planned to do this from 1st of January, but I kind of forgot with everything I have to plan while I'm in Berlin. Time to give it a proper shot. I simply have too much important going on right now to let any of these stand in my way!

OK, let's do this!